Loose battery connection, help identifying a part


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Bought a used ebike locally and have been bitten by the bug. Excited to join the community. I’ll certainly get an upgrade bike at some point soon, but in the meantime, the battery jars loose very easily (when I hit a bump) in this used model, a Flaunt Atticus.

Here is a video of the key insertion/looseness:


I’m pretty sure this is a common off-the-shelf part, but I don’t know what it is. Does anyone recognize the battery/rack? I couldn’t get a response from the Flaunt website. Hoping it’s an identifiable part I can order from Aliexpress or the like.



The bike:


VERY much appreciate any help/guidance, and looking forward to being a member of the community!




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Looks like part of the bracket for your battery lock broke off. There are two holes for screws but nothing to hold that part.

Probably the kind of thing you have to fix with a home made metal bracket.

In the meantime, a latex rubber strap knotted around the top and bottom bars of that rack would hold the battery, although it would cover the tail light,


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Thanks HarryS! Because of the rack it’s pretty hard to actually create tension on the battery itself (and not the bars around it). Plus I’d like to fix it so I can sell it without the “you need to use this strap” temp fix for once I buy a new ebike.

I’ve seen this same rear rack/battery on many bikes—anyone know what it is?

Thanks again.