Loud Bicycle Horn (Car Horn for Bicycles)


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Smart. A loud, compact, thumb-activated horn and bicycle alarm with a key fob remote in one.

I bought the Loud Bicycle Horn, but returned it. It is way too big, unwieldy, and heavy. So big it’s hard to find a place to install it. (I couldn’t.) They were good about taking it back.

This Juiced horn/alarm looks great. Now if it would text you too I’d switch from my Airzound.
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Command respect? You think we are special since we ride a bicycle? Just relax and share the path.
in dire situations, with rude walkers that don't respect the kind and soft bell, yup, nuke em back to reality. i only use the horn if its a potentially harmful/dangerous situation. oughta be a bell law, i never hear the lycra until it's too late...


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I'm leery of dependence on signalling devices...horns, directionals, lights, because we tend to think that's all we have to do to get the oft distracted attention of those piloting tonnage next to us. Best to ride as if we're not as visible as we think we are.

@Thomas Jaszewski , I guarantee you'd hear me, because my life depends on it.
Looks like a budget horn and light that may give a year or so of hard use. I've given up on budget lights and now carry $100 deductible for vandalism. Sucks kinda, but I MUST have adequate StVZO lighting and a no-fail horn. Germany wrote the book on decent lighting


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While not electric, I have a Spurcycle bell with a wonderful clear sustaining ring, and I have it positioned immediately next to my Ergon grip, right side, and without taking my hand off the grip, my thumb can reach the bell trigger.
Good choice. I have a Spurcycle bell too. Beautiful tone, clear and pure, perfect for pedestrians. Completely inaudible to cars. I also have an AirZound, loud as a boat horn, absolutely obnoxious, spectacular with cars. Both on the same bike.
Received the Juiced horn/alarm couple of days ago. It is loud, motorcycle horn loud. And the alarm function seems to work too. The build quality seems to be very good, all metal casing and solid feel. Came with a couple of remotes that are fairly small. Here is the remote, the top black piece slides up and cover the buttons, to prevent accidental presses I guess. Nice touch.

2018-11-22 13.03.30.jpg

One thing/issue. Once in a while, it will let out a small chirp. Not the horn part, but the small speaker part ( like the chirps that let you know when the alarm is set, except just one chirp). Not sure what that's about.
Have you gotten the Juiced Horn? How are you liking it?
Yeah, here's a discussion on it in the Juiced bikes section. It's an awesome horn with one quirk, the intermittent chirps mentioned in that thread. Also the same horn is cheaper on aliexpress from third party, plus an even cheaper version (~$25) without the alarm function. I'm guessing that the horn-only version won't have the intermittent chirp, as it seems tied in with the motion sensing of the alarm.