Lumos Helmet

I must say:

1. comfortable
2. mips system
3. bright lights
4. turn signals with wireless remote on handlebar
5. easy magnetic charging cables

Wow, am I impressed. Everything worked out of the box and I have had drivers pull up to me at stop signs to tell me how effective the lights and turn signals were.

My helmet of choice as of now.


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I have not been able to find the MIPS version.. or are all the newer ones MIPS?

They have a pre-order of a more bowl style helmet that has MIPS option but only in Black.

I want it White+MIPS.

I would think that people ordering high visibility helmets would order black as their LAST choice.
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The new Street and Matrix models do come in white as well as black. They (along with the original Kickstart) can be ordered with or without MIPS.