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I must say:

1. comfortable
2. mips system
3. bright lights
4. turn signals with wireless remote on handlebar
5. easy magnetic charging cables

Wow, am I impressed. Everything worked out of the box and I have had drivers pull up to me at stop signs to tell me how effective the lights and turn signals were.

My helmet of choice as of now.


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I have not been able to find the MIPS version.. or are all the newer ones MIPS?

They have a pre-order of a more bowl style helmet that has MIPS option but only in Black.

I want it White+MIPS.

I would think that people ordering high visibility helmets would order black as their LAST choice.
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The new Street and Matrix models do come in white as well as black. They (along with the original Kickstart) can be ordered with or without MIPS.

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I’ve just completed a review of the first Lumos Matrix

The MIPS orders are about 1 month behind

If you are thinking about a purchase, don’t get the white, as it’s a little soft touch, so marks easily

The full review if here if you are interested
Excellent and thorough review. I am most critical in my extensive reviews (see FLX Blade review) and appreciate your attention to the fine detail. I have the original mips lumos helmet and hate it. I get stopped constantly by drivers and pedestrians wherever I ride yelling at me, "Hey, where'd you get that helmet." My poor Smith Optics helmet has been relegated to the shelf.

I will check my distributor and order the new design. For a first attempt at a product, Lumos has done an outstanding job. The only issues I have with my current version is that the software hiccuped a lot (lost my ability to change turn signal sounds) until they sent out an upgrade and that some of the outer shell appears to have a slight overmold and my fingers keep catching on it.

If you talk to the them tell them that a 63mm size is imperative. I have 4 friends who love the helmet but cant get into the current 61mm size.


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They will have no issue with the new Matrix then. It’s almost too big for me to wear. Almost.

I don’t know which is the higher drawn back for me, the weight or the new fitting


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I beta tested for Lumos. One of 50 in the world, before they went into production (Kickstarter). The released version had LED's fail in the 1st year, the head padding velcro unglued and the remote got flakey. They sent me a second one, and I bought another one for my wife. After 1 year or so, more failed LED's and no ability to use with my Apple watch. Tried 1 million fixes, no go, dead with the watch. Even bought a new watch, twice. Apple Series 3 and a Series 4. Had a Series 1. None work anymore.
They told me to pound salt, over the 1 year warranty on the second replacement.
So, now I have 2 Lumos helmets with bad LED's and non-communicating Apple watch ability.
They won't tell me the answer to my question about the "new" style helmet as to if they are using the same LED's or an improved version.
So, on 'announcement day' for the new Matrix, you could have ordered one, but have to wait for production and release and shipping, and they want your money (to fund the process?), so again, no answers, no improvement, they have a flawed product and refuse to offer any fix other than to say we'll give you a discount on the new version give us your money and wait for it.
Just so you know, when the original beta test was over and the release version was in production, it took almost 7 months (behind schedule) to get released, and the product has defects.
My wife has an identical helmet works differently (same firmware, etc.) and the point of this blast is to be aware that the cool factor is for sure a great thing, the safety is unmatched, but their support sucks, their communication is horrendous and it takes weeks for them to reply (if at all).
So, sure, when you got 'FU' money to throw away, and want the coolest helmet there is, buy it, but do be aware that it will die a slow death.
I ride 2 times a day, a few hours and use it all the time. So, the occasional user may not experience my woes, but if you are a heavy user, be aware of the flaws.
...but do be aware that it will die a slow death.
I ride 2 times a day, a few hours and use it all the time. So, the occasional user may not experience my woes, but if you are a heavy user, be aware of the flaws.
First of all, my sympathies for the way you were treated by Lumos support. Nevertheless, I should say that your experience with the product itself shouldn't be generalized. I've had my Kickstart helmet a long time, wearing it on my daily commute (12 miles each way). I have not experienced any LED failure.

No problem with Apple Watch connectivity either. However, the gesture control of the turn signals is a hit or miss: it's way too sensitive.

Agree that the helmet fit padding is subpar (and has since been enhanced, for a cost). I have one piece that keeps peeling off.

Overall, I'm happy with the helmet and have pre-ordered the upcoming Matrix.

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$179 plus for a protective device that should be replaced every 5 years without any crash data, justsales pitches. About$10 I Aliexpress parts to update to an led display. Better yet, add a good wired in led rear light.


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It would be an easy fix if I could identify better LED's, and perform surgery. However, that's why we pay $179 to the surgeon, not the patient.

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It would be an easy fix if I could identify better LED's, .
For those of us that have some experience with led setups, it's massively overpriced. Like most surgeons. Overseas surgeries, "sugications" far less expensive and every bit as high quality as the best USA hospitals.