Magnum display panel question

I've had my Magnum Ui5 for a month or so now and am really pleased with it.
However there are a couple of display issues that I haven't been able to resolve-
Specifically, I'd like to be able to reset the trip distance and trip time to zero while retaining the overall Odometer mileage. On page 7 of the users manual it says to just "Hold DOWN for 2 seconds to clear trip distance, trip time and max speed."
But when I do so nothing happens other than the assist level goes down. No change to trip distance. I found that if I follow the instructions to Reset ODO it does reset trip and everything to zero. But I'd lke to retain the overall ODO mileage.
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or if it is even possible to do what I want?
Daniel at Magnum bikes promptly responded to my question with a solution that worked. Here's his answer:

Hi Bill,
Thank you for contacting Magnum Bikes. It is a little tricky resetting the trip distance. What you want to do is:
1. Hold the SET button for 3 seconds
2. In the setting menu that now comes up you need the second screen. This you get to by clicking the SET button ONCE.
3. You will know you are in the correct screen setting because you will see the trip distance displayed. Now hold the down button for a few seconds to reset to zero.