Magnum Electric Bikes Store Tour in Utah


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Hi guys! I was visiting the Magnum Ebikes store in Utah recently, to film all of their new bikes, and got to do a little store tour. I'm posting the video here and will check back to answer any questions you might have about it. I always appreciate it when a brand invites me to see their diggs, to spend time looking at their new products and explaining how they work and what their plans are. My hope is that this benefits you and that we continue to see brands that work closely with shops and other local storefronts so you can try bikes and get fitted etc. if you're buying one :)

I took a couple of pictures during my visit, those are linked below and you're free to use and share them as with other photos from reviews and stuff. I've been asked about this before and the reason I don't watermark is so that shop owners can use them for their websites and owners can use them for reselling on Craigslist etc.



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Great video, good to get a peek behind the scenes. Got my Ui6 August 16th of last year. I have enjoyed 4000+ trouble free miles. Bought it from a LBS, and never had to use the warranty but was glad it was there. I think Magnum is the best bang for the buck in eBikes. There are better bikes, but none at their price point and their dealer/service network. When I am ready to replace my Ui6, Magnum will be the first place I look. (After I check your reviews of the latest ones:). )