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Discussion in 'Magnum Forum' started by Espoke, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Espoke

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    @Needpower, Needpower, told you had bikes here already! Check out new profile posts for new members who have and are riding Magnum bikes. Just think of the people who have them and don't do forums. Told you they were giving you the runaround!, Shame on you for posting promises and not following through, shame, shame, shame.

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  3. Nirmala

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    That's odd because they have been very responsive and helpful with my problems. Have you tried calling the phone number?
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  4. Nirmala

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    See below where Magnum representatives explain how the battery for Magnum bikes is not the same as the battery for Leisger bikes. They further explain why the Leisger batteries are still not in stock even though Magnum bikes are available now in the US.
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  5. Stephen Cho

    Stephen Cho New Member

    Thanks for posting your experience with Magnum. I am in the market for a bike and was strongly considering the Mi5 but maybe not anymore.

    As for your battery situation... have you looked into buying it from another vendor? From what I understand, 90% of all ebike parts come from the same place in China. That dolphin style battery is very popular and would not be surprised at all if a "different" brand slots right in.
  6. Magnum Bikes

    Magnum Bikes New Member

    Hello all,

    I would like to officially respond to some of the confused posts here.

    The case at hand is NOT for a Magnum bicycle or magnum battery. The person posting bought a Leisger bicycle from UPS unclaimed goods after the Leisger company sent one to the usa for an exhibition and UPS lost their bicycle.

    While Magnum Bikes is the licensed distributor for Leisger products in both Israel and the USA we do not have this battery in stock. It is in no way similar to our Magnum Bikes batteries.

    Since the OP could not obtain the battery from Leisger in Germany they are taking out their anger at Magnum Bikes.

    We would be happy to sell any part that we have in stock to any and all customers but this battery is unique and HAS NOT been in stock.

    I hope this will clarify the matter. We will still help you and notify you when we receive the correct battery in stock for your Leisger bicycle.
  7. jesse24

    jesse24 New Member

    Hello everyone, and thank you to @Nirmala for notifying me of this forum. I am the VP of sales for Magnum Bikes and I recently had the pleasure of speaking to @Needpower to clarify a simple misunderstanding. I am happy to relay our conversation for everyone's clarification.

    First, there seems to be somewhat of a mixup that needs to be cleared up.. Magnum Bikes serves two-fold as a Manufacture and an exclusive distributor (for Leisger Bikes and i-MAX scooters). While Magnum bikes are very much available (and have been for about two and a half months), Leisger Bikes are not (They will be hitting stores in mid November). The two bikes have completely different batteries, as the Magnum brand incorporates the integrated (i5) battery and the Leisger brand incorporates the down tube (d5) battery.

    Second, @Needpower obtained her bike (The Leisger Md5) not only second hand, but without a battery. This is not a case of needing a replacement battery, but one of never having one in the first place. Allow me to explain..At last year's 2014 Interbike show in Las Vegas, Leisger had two bikes stolen, one was a foldable bike and the other, the Md5 mountain bike (both were simply prototypes, and did not come with working batteries, but simply "dummy" batteries). It was not long before the foldable bike showed up on eBay and @Needpower contacted us to buy a battery (let me stress that in no way should she have known that the bike was stolen and a prototype, but she did buy the bike knowing full well that it did not come with a battery). We did offer to buy the bike back from her for whatever price she purchased it for, and when she declined, explained that this bike was not yet available, but would be some time later in 2015.

    I can only imagine @Needpower 's frustration over what appeared to be an available product and her inability to buy the necessary components to make her bike whole, however, this just simply was not the case. When we spoke last week over the phone, I explained that we are indeed very close to having Leiger branded bikes available in the USA, and @Needpower would be our very first customer, and that we were looking forward to taking care of her.

    So as I hope I have outlined for everyone (especially @Needpower ) to understand, there is no conspiracy theory here. Yes we are newly incorporated in the USA, and yes we are constantly working on incorporating new software to our website platform to make communicating with our customers that much easier and more efficient, But we are an established brand that has been building bikes and servicing the communities that ride them all over the world for many years.

    Warm Regards,

    Jesse Lapin, VP of Magnum Bikes
  8. Nirmala

    Nirmala Active Member

    Again, I want to vouch for the incredibly good customer service that I have experienced from Magnum bikes. This seems to have been a misunderstanding and I hope it has been cleared up now, and I hope that Needpower gets a batttery soon. I expect Jesse Lapin will take care of her as soon as possible.
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  9. Espoke

    Espoke New Member

    will go to conversations
  10. Cyclemom

    Cyclemom New Member

    Just logged in to see if you got your battery yet. Did you? What negative posts? Remember seeing posts about trying to buy a battery for a ebike my son was interested in. But he chose a fat tired ebike, heavy duty thing. Have to re-visit your posts, don't remember anything negative. Perplexedo_O
  11. flymeaway

    flymeaway Well-Known Member

    I believe the reference concerning negative posts referring to the other topic (thread) on this forum.
  12. Espoke

    Espoke New Member

    Glad your son got his bike. I have a foldable little ebike I keep in the cab of the truck comes in handy I can park at the terminal and then ride around town, go for a bite to eat, do a little shopping etc..
    If you don't want to post here you can go to conversations and I will send you my email address.
  13. Espoke

    Espoke New Member

    Sounds promising, hope you mean it!
  14. flymeaway

    flymeaway Well-Known Member

    "Yeah, I know. Saw it too! What can I say business ethics. The older I get the more I see people doing things not because they should but because they can, it's sad but it's true."

    Considering the fact that the bikes being sold are Magnum models and not Leisger I'd suggest this post is out of line. I think the Magnum representatives have exercised restraint.
  15. Espoke

    Espoke New Member

    Magnum bikes said they are the exclusive distributors of Leisger model bikes in the USA. If you can't
    go to the distributor for parts where are you to turn.
    I am a long distance hauler for different companies. I keep a foldable ebike in the cab of my truck. It's great
    for running errands in different locales. I've had it for 3 years and recently the battery quit. Needed to locate a new battery but the shop I bought it from was out of business. So I went online and came across a post by needpower who was having similar difficulty. Even though it took several weeks to secure an OEM battery which I picked up on one of my trips saving shipping costs. For me as a consumer I think needpower showed restraint in relaying the facts of her experience with magnum bikes. I didn't find them to be negative. I have asked for and received forwarded emails she exchanged with magnum bikes. And my nephew who lives in Longbeach, Ca. has brought to light magnum bikes MD5 (needpower's model same battery as the Leisger MD5) being sold at,
    Again, if not the authorized distributor, where do you turn?
  16. Nirmala

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    The Magnum Mi5 does not have the same battery as the Leisger bikes, as Jesse from Magnum explained above. It has the same battery as the Magnum Ui5 which is an inframe battery versus the Leisger bikes which use a Dolphin style battery. Two completely different batteries from two different manufacturers. The fact that Magnum Mi5's are available for sale does not have anything to do with whether there are any Leisger batteries that are available in the USA.

    They are going to be the distributor for Leisger bikes in the US going forward, but they do not have any Leisger bikes or Leisger batteries available yet in the USA. So it does not seem to be a question of business ethics, but rather an unfortunate case where Needpower bought an abandoned bike that did not have a battery and where the battery that fits her bike is simply not yet available in the USA. I feel sorry for her, but it does not seem to reflect badly on Magnum in this particular case. And once Magnum is up and running as a distributor for Leisger, then I am sure they will be glad to sell her the battery.

    Below are images for the Magnum Mi5 battery and the Leisger MD5 battery taken from their respective reviews here on EBR. They are nothing alike.
    magnum-mi5-36-volt-13-amp-hour-samsung-battery-pack-300x225.jpg leisger-md5-downtube-battery-36v-13ah-samsung-300x225.jpg
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  17. Needpower

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    OEM D5 battery has arrived!

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  18. Nirmala

    Nirmala Active Member

    That's great! Enjoy your bike.
  19. flymeaway

    flymeaway Well-Known Member

    I think the posting after your response explains the situation. Magnum is the distributor/Magnum received the Leisger MD5/Magnum shipped Needpower the battery. I think Magnum showed a lot of restraint and patience.

    Court J.