Magnum Metro user report 1 year later


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I use "normal" as regular mode, also tried "eco" to lessen kick, agree with David Roy as to result. I also noticed the bike reverted to "normal" before next ride; anyone else see this? If I want to ride in "eco" or "power" do I have to reset it each time?


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I am new owner metro +. 60 or so miles only. Loving it. I have played with the 3 power settings. Eco is fine with me with occasional throttle. I find in Eco, I shift the power assist a bit more, although still only use 1 and 2. The assist seems smoother to me, which I like. After some more miles in Eco, I like it as I work a bit harder, which is the point for me. Throttle is nice at stoplights, in any mode.
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