Magnum Peak power is pulsing


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Hi, first post since getting my bike! Question is when I am in slower gears and just going about 10 MPH on flat pavement in PAS 1 I get power pulses. The motor activates for a second and stops and goes for a second and stops and repeats. If I shift to a higher gear and keep shifting and speeding up it is fine but just going slowly it seems to pulse. It does not keep a steady pace with my pedaling. My friend has a Voltbike Yukon and it does not do this it just keeps pace.
Is this the way this bike is supposed to operate? Both bikes are cadence. Thanks for any advice. Also I tried to check/set the C7 and the 8306 does not work.


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1st, try 8088 for the display, that's the other code.

On the pulsing- I have a Metro and get similar when just starting off if I don't get second foot going on pedals fast enough. Never had it while riding. However - my bike is 12 mph in PAS 1, if pedaling falls behind that pace I get clunking. If I stop pedaling for a bit the motor may lag when I start up again. Sorry for no help.


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Pulsing is a good descriptive word! In my opinion, this will occur for slow pedaling on many cadence systems. Your pedals are just turning fast enough that the controller is winking in and out. As you start up a cadence system, there's usually a speed/gear where it will pulse. Usually it happens at a slow enough speed where assist isn't really needed.

One work-around is to shift to a gear where you have to pedal quicker. and the other is to go a little faster. If it still happens, then it's a different problem where the motor is intermittent.


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I finally managed to get into the controller programming function, albeit in a limited way. I changed the power level to "Normal" from "Power" and reset the wheel size to 29" which is correct for my wheel size. I don't know how to reset the throttle power level as it is not an option while in programming. Using a higher gear at low speed reduces the pulsing sensation significantly.