Magnum Premium 48 step thru - wobble


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So we did it - picked up our new bikes this past weekend. Probably not the best time of year to buy a bike, but I couldn’t wait. So we have only been able to do some short runs. My husband is finding the bike very wobbly, so much he wants to return it. I haven’t noticed a wobble with mine. We plan on trying each other’s bike this weekend to see if it is just his bike. We have different riding styles I use the pedals and lower assist modes , he is using a lot of throttle. I am really hoping there is an adjustment we make to the bike so we don’t have to return it. Also it looks like there is an issue with his control as the upper corner of the screen is blank instead of showing “power “ “normal” “eco”. So it is going back to the bike shop anyway to fix the controller is there something they can do for the wobble?


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Think you have the correct idea, need for each to ride the other and isolate to one bike. I was going to say spoke out of alignment (true) but you do not have any but something may of happen to rim that made it slightly bent. Sounds like bike shop should be able to take care of it for you if just one bike. Good luck.