Mainly a commuter, some off road

I'm looking for some advice for a first time ebike. Here's some info about me:

* 45 years old, did a lot of BMX, mountain bike, and road racing in my teens and 20's. Almost nothing since.
* 5' 11" and about 220 lbs
* I would use it to commute to/from work with is about 4.5 miles sidewalk / pavement and about 2 miles miles packed dirt trail
* I might also like doing a trail near my house that is about a 4 mile loop with a 700 ft elevation gain. Mostly hard packed trail with some loose rocks (Arizona desert but no sand).
* I'd like to stay under $2500
Some of the choices I'm looking at include the Magnum Peak, Bulls SIX50 1.5, Voltbike Enduro, and Juiced CrossCurrent S (but the wait may kill that one). Any opinions on these? Anything else I should consider?
Cglow: Your profile and needs are similar to mine. I looked at bikes I could buy from a local dealer. Giant, Bulls, Magnum. Bought the Peak for the features and value for the $. No regrets.