Making an utility cart.


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My step son bought a house across town. I drug my old lawn mower over for him pulling it behind my bike.........I got thinking about a utility cart. I've had this old Caboose in the shed for years.........I bought it when my daughter was little. She is now 17. Anyway.........thought maybe if I can find enough time I would document it here. (not letting a build thread die can be some incentive to keep on working).

I think I will have to re mount the control box to the front of the seat post and mount the cart lower to make it easier to build. I'll remove the seat, handlebars and probably the pedals. You get the idea here.

electric bike utility trailer.jpg

rich c

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I picked up a bicycle pet cart for $20 at a garage sale. I'd suggest you look at Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist before going to all the effort to covert the Caboose.
Looks like a fun project and it should be quite a bit more useful than taking up shed space. There should be lots of space on the side of the frame for mounting panniers, or the much more affordable way is using the big cat litter buckets upcycled as waterproof compartments. Could even add a solar array/cargo lid for charging a spare battery....