Mid motor, BB or non-BB?

So I'm looking at an interesting used cargo trike on CraigsList, delta upright, cargo area back, and it's got a transaxle in the middle which the pedals (above the front wheel) go to with gears, with 2 separate chains going back to each rear wheel. If I get it I'm going to electrify it, and I'm considering if I should just go with a basic BB type mid-motor, which I bet will work fine, or try and do something with a completely separate motor which sits in between the pedals and the transaxle (with the gears), and then from the motor to the transaxle, or even just figure out if I can add a freewheel sproket on the transaxle and do the motor direct to there and leave the pedal drive path alone.

I do already have a low end, cheap ~500W front hub I've been using on a regular bike and a CAv3 & up to 48v (max 58v actual) 20a controller from e-bikes.ca, so mostly need to figure out where to put the motor. Given it's fairly large trike and I'll be adding a storage area on the back (currently open frame) I was thinking at least a 1000W 48v or 60v motor, start with my existing controller/CA and upgrade the battery & controller eventually. Basically oversize the motor, and kick up the power if it seems to need it.

In some of my basic looking around I found https://lunacycle.com/cyclone-mid-drive-ebike-motor-with-freewheel-sprocket/ which looks great, can handle all the power I might want, and compact, efficient, relatively quiet, and seems to be a built-in freewheel so I might even be able to mount it to the transaxle with a static sprocket direct, or I'd have to add another sproket axle in front of the transaxle/gearing and do the double sproket as if it was attached to the BB/cranks.

So I know without pictures it's kinda hard to see, but I'm looking for general feasibility thoughts, so nobody snatches it up from under me ;) If I buy it I'll definitely be posting lots of pictures
So got some pictures last night (pics), pretty cool design...but it's big. Large. And where the heck would I keep it when not using it?! I'm in a small 1 bedroom apartment, no real space to put it, and no way it can fit in my storage spot without paying a lot more for a much bigger one.

About 105" (8.75 feet) long from furthest back to all the way at the very front. 44" tall if the seat back is all the way back and the handlebars are folded down. 40" wide counting the wheels/hubs/etc. And the rear wheels aren't really possible to take off without crazy work, likewise the mid-axle with the transaxle (see photos). Been sitting around for a while, so needs a new front 20" tire, possibly whole wheel, needs LOTS of cleaning & fixing up of the chain system, not counting me adding a motor into the mix. Also only has a front disc brake, I'd need to get 2 for the rear wheels.

I do like the drive system design, in general. That is if he hadn't spray painted/welded _everything_, so the axles/shafts could come off easier. The mid-shaft which functions as a transaxle (gears + differential) is a smart idea, and he said he actually had 1 of the chains to a rear wheel break once and didn't really notice it because the other one was still hooked up. The whole thing is janky (spray painted over everything, ugh), but it's a cool janky.

As it stands, especially with not really having any storage space at all, I think I'm going to have to pass on this. Plus some of the design bits I'm not a fan of, the front is actually a bit higher than the back, not sure how I feel about the car seat, although it'd be kinda cool for Burning Man, relatively small front wheel which needs a solid foam inner because otherwise it pops (he does a new foam inner for it).

Does inspire me to come up with a custom design of my own, possibly making it so it can break down and be taken apart. Maybe some heavy duty hinges (sorta like folding bikes), or very well fitted attachment points so I can break it down so it's flatter for storage/transport.

Original posting, if anyone is interestinged: