More Aurora Questions

Hi Aurora Owners,

I was wondering if the custom rear rack on the Aurora will fit standard panniers clip ons systems, like the ortlieb 2.1 panniers? Anybody have pannier bags with their Aurora? The Aurora bike rack tubing looks a lot thicker and not perfectly round, as compared to standard rear racks. I have Ortlieb panniers with 2.1 clip system, so just wondering if these would still fit on the Aurora rack. Thanks in advance for any comments.

Also, any other owners have issue with the dual center kickstand scraping on turns or going up/down curbs? I much prefer a side kickstand, since it is lighter, less bulky, no worries about scraping, and much easier to put on and off, not having to partially lift the rear end of the bike. Think one owner stated that he had problem with the dual center kickstand, so Evelo sent him a side kickstand and that works. I didnt think a side kickstand would fit on the Aurora, but if that is a possibility, think I would go with this side kickstand option.
Thanks a lot David. The Ortlieb 2.1 release system that I have came with various sized inserts that you could put into the clip to make it fit more tightly. So, I will have to try and measure it without the insert and maybe the one I have already is the 20mm clip. If so, that would be great. If not, guess I will order the one you mention. Thanks a lot!