My Ebike


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I've never seen a silverfish battery on the downtube. I hope the mount is strong enough to hold it. Also watch the wiring in the bag. A common failure is the bullet connectors can get too hot, and melt the insulation.

The Vilano got some nice reviews on amazon. Enjoy and rmember that no one expects a bike to go 30 mph, so watch out for them cars.


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Congratulations on the do it yourself installation. I have apparently the same motor; will be disappointed at a 32 mile range @ 15 mph. I can pedal 32 miles; just the speed varies from 12 with a tailwind to 6 with a stiff headwind.
Congratulations ngolm.

I am going through a similar project with a 48V 1000W conversation kit on my aluminium framed MTB. Still many problems to solve but it is all part of the learning experience.