My First E-Bike is a BMW

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Hello friends,

I am new to this forum and used to lurk on the when I had a Fuji Absolute 1.7. The original plan (3 years ago) was to convert my Fuji bicycle to an but that quickly died once I received the kit. The fork was to thin to hold the new hardware. I had to pay a restocking fee which wasn't too cheap and also responsible for the shipping return. After the quick headache I gave up on converting and just rode my Fuji as is until it was stolen.

Quick note, I live in Brooklyn so a car isn't the easiest option and when I do need a car there is always Car2Go or Revel Scooters. So a bicycle is the best option next to a train ride or bus.

This past Friday someone showed me the BMW Cruise E-bike and is selling it to me for $1300.00. I believe its a good deal considering its new with only the mileage I put on it test driving it. I did learn that it is not a throttle type E-Bike, you must peddle and it really pulls once you start going. At first I was kind of disappointed by this but a quick 2 mile ride which felt like 2 minutes won me over. Coming back to my destination there a very steep ramp which I flew up at 15 MPH barely peddling. The fact that I still need to peddle also sounded like a drag at first but to be honest I am glad this is the case. I will still burn some calories and look HIP while doing it.

If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or know of other owners please reply here.


Welcome! I have the BMW Cruise too. So far, it's been great. I would mention that it's important to keep the chain maintained, because the mid drive can be very hard on the chain.


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I hope you have better luck with it than we do with my wife's car which we not so affectionately call the BMTroubleYou