My new ebike arrived today


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The CCX arrived early. I'm "Juiced"! Love that new bike smell.
I was expecting delivery on 12/03, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that "UPS rumble" up the driveway this morning.
100_3474 - Copy.JPG After some assembly I pedaled it up and down the driveway. Some fine tuning and finish assembly yet to do.
All major adjustments have been made and my 2019 CCX is sublime. The bike is in a pristine condition and ready for a fair weather work-out.
Afterward, I will be changing the stock pedals over to Power Grips. The stock saddle will be removed. The bike will be upgraded with the Brooks B-17 Special and it's new copper rails.


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Congrats. Looked like it arrived in great condition. How long it take you to assemble approximately?
Basic assembly is quick, although I relished the process and I'm a bit fussier than average. Unboxing and setting-up the bike, involved removing packing straps and protective tape, installing pedals, front wheel, front fender, handlebar bell, batteries in the taillight, aligning the headlight, inflating the tires, and adjusting the seat height. The bike can be ride ready with a topped off battery in less than 2 hours.
100_3476.JPG The CCX at the ready -awaiting it's next commute!
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Looks great. Congrats on the new bike. It looks like Christmas early.

Wish I could buy one of those with an EU Certificate of Conformity.


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I recall your EG cracked apart. Now you can ride again!
I am reasonably happy to have discovered the cracks on the EG Zurich. I had been trying to sell the bike since February. As the year progressed, I had to reset the sale price so low that it became clear for me just to upgrade the Zurich bike with newer components.

It was after I made the decision for upgrading with new components that I discovered issues with the EG Zurich step through frame. Ultimately, it would have been a swindle to sell a damaged ebike -so I am glad to not having been able to consummate a bad sale. Had the EG bike been in top shape and a buyer had come along to purchase it, I would have bought a new ebike and replaced it anyway. There are a lot of good 2018 bikes priced well and available right now. The opportunity to purchase the CCX came along at the right time for me.