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Kim S

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Hey there. This is a great build thread and great to hear the bike is riding well after a year.
1. I am curious if you felt the need to switch out to the front suspension instead of the carbon fork?
2. Have you ridden something with MidFat tires? Bike paths where I commute have similar issues you described earlier.
3. Has the Rohloff shown signs of wear ? In my current build, I go through a cassette every 400 -500 miles. Chain slips, adjusting derailleur, changing cassettes is great for the first few times but that effort adds over time.


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Hey there
answer #1 - No because my commute is 90% paved roads. Previous builds do have front shock suspension and it does help if your riding will be on trails or bike paths that are rough. The Titanium build is light with a short wheelbase built for speed. It isn't much fun riding on rough roads....tough on the arms and wrists.

answer #2 - I have a bike with 2" tires and that option is a good compromise as long as it will clear the fork.

answer #3 - No the Rohloff is almost bullet proof. You can find riders that have 10,000 plus miles without any issues, the hub just plain works. I ride my bike hard and the Rohloff works and feels just like the day I put it on the bike, still using the original chain.

Court J.

Kim S

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The Rohloff performance is incredible. Do you recommend clutching the motor while shifting or do it while motor is engaged?

Yeah, the mid fat is something I have been thinking about for a bit. Part of this is for a new build by early next year so the frame shouldn’t be a problem.