My Pedego Latch folding bike.


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I bought my Pedego Latch folding bike in Novenber2017. Since then I've put on over 3500 miles. That a lot of miles since I live in Chicago where the weather can get pretty nasty for out pretty long winters. It's really easy to fold and even though I'm 75 I can get it into the trunk of my car easily. (No need for a $1000 plus hitch and bike rack.)Once in the trunk, it off to the forest preserve bike trails where my dog running besides me. We'll do 10 to 15 miles and then head for home. I've have had a few problems with it, squeaky belt (it is a belt drive so no oil, on my hands and pants, pitting in in my car trunk) defective internal three speed hub, and malfunctioning display, all of which were quickly remedied by Pedego's terrific support staff, at their expense. I really like the bike and enjoy riding it. It has plenty of pep and the free upgrade to a 15 amp hour battery give me plenty of range. I also like the fact that it comes completely optioned out with fenders, chain guard, front and rear lights that run off the battery and a rear rack. If you are looking for a compact folding bike, you should consider a Pedego Latch.


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Thanks for the report! It's great that you are out there riding your bike so long, and 3500 miles is impressive!!

I have a Pedego also, and have had the same experience with terrific support staff. I've never tried the Latch, though.

Happy riding! :)
Whenever I see a Latch I think of this old Boss I had years ago who owned a Hunter 34 sailboat and went everywhere on that thing with his wife. They had a pair of folding conventional bikes they would roll out in every port, including home. If I were to see him today he would probably already own a pair of these for his boat.

I never thought of a Latch in the manner in which you use it EdC. Don't know why, it makes perfect sense. Carriers are pricey, like you say, and your bike can get dinged up out there on the rack traveling down the road. Not so much when its in your trunk.


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@mako , we do see posts here from time to time from folks-with-boats who are looking for folders. Some take folders on public transportation, too... Lots of uses! :)