Need help choosing best e-bike

So I live in the SF Bay Area, and I want to get an e-bike for when I switch from full time employee/part time student to full time student to save on car costs (not needing a parking permit alone will pay for a good chunk of the bike). College is ~7 miles away, and there's a steep climb right at the end (about 450ft in under a mile). I've been looking at all kinds of bikes, but man it's hard to sort through them all and make a decision. My wish list includes:

- $2-3k, though I might go higher for the right bike
- Class 3
- Removable display (I'll be parking at a school for extended periods, all the detachable stuff will come with me)
- Front suspension
- Pannier mounting points
- More upright sitting style, never liked forward leaning bikes
- Step-over style

Hopefully that's enough information to spark some ideas. I'm also curious how important you folks think things like shift sensing and brake inhibitors are for what will be a commuter bike that includes a hill.

As a starter, I was just looking at this one:
Looks like a good bike, but I'd be worried about the non-removable display, and the above questions about shift sensing and brake inhibitors apply too.

Thanks so much!

Ravi Kempaiah

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Some of the bikes I would recommend are:
Shift sensing is nice to have but if you are little careful in shifting, this should not be a problem.
You may want to reach out to
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