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I've been lurking through these forums for the last couple days and have only gotten more indecisive on what I'd like in a bike. I have gone from looking at cheap mountain bikes on amazon to watching countless youtube reviews ..... and have come to the realization that there are so many darn options. From what I've heard, I'd like to go forward with an electric fat bike (I think...).

Just to clarify WHY I want to buy an e-bike:
1. Get out more and see the sights (especially in and around Seattle). This means initially starting out on flats and pavement to eventually hitting up small trails and going from there. So I will be dealing with wet conditions, lots of hills, and eventually do more rugged riding (when I'm more fit)
2. Exercise and weight loss
3. Getting around without driving my car and then having to find parking for small trips to the store etc.
4. I'd like to be able to get to locations and places (or it's driving to said location and trying to hike really slowly) where I can also indulge in my hobby of photography.

My budget: ~$1500-2500 (with a few hundred more to spend on accessories like lights, helmet, seat, bike lock, etc.)

First question: Front suspension vs full suspension. How do these two differences change the ride quality on a fat bike and are the differences significant enough to splurge on FULL suspension? Or can I get away with getting good front suspension and probably overall spend less money for a bike? I believe there are far more bikes being offered at around $1500 with just front suspension.

Secondly, Engine and Watts. I've gone through quite a few articles mentioning mid-drive vs hub electric engines. The watt issue sounds misleading and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which one will better suit my needs. The options I've seen so far are 350W bafang middrive vs 750W rear hub drive. I'm inclined to go mid-drive for the ?better hill assist in PAS and forego having the option of a throttle button (these are the ones that are usually paired with FULL suspension). Is that the right way to go? Again I'm looking to lose weight so I expect to be pedaling and not just cruising along (although it does sound appealing after a hard workout . When you're beat, you can just punch a button and let it take you home).

The Companies/Bikes that I've narrowed down to are:
Voltbike Yukon 750
Voltbike Enduro (not a fatbike, but sounds like a great deal)
M2S All Terrain Kush 350W vs 750W
M2S All Terrain R750
M2S All Terrain MD
Teo Fatbike 750
Teo Fatbike 350 Full Suspension
Moar Bike (sounds and looks cool, but uncertain delivery estimate)

Are there others I need to look into that I haven't mentioned? I think if my 2 questions about suspension and the engine type are answered, I can probably narrow it down way further to maybe about 2 bikes.

Thanks for all your help in advance.


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Well, it's Tuesday and the experts have ignored you.
I have to conquer short 15% grades in my commute to summer camp, so I eliminated all mid drive bikes. During installation they replace the 3 drive sprocket selection of a mountain bike with one, connected to the motor. If your battery runs out, you're on your own dude. My battery developed an open in the 11th mile, and I had to pedal the next 24 miles on my own. That 30:28 ratio low first is a big help, keeping me from having to get off and push. If the trails you are on are not that steep, mid drive may suit you fine. Bosch & Yamaha seem to have a reputation for reliability (of the motor). There have been comments about 250 W drive being weak on hills.
I chose a powered geared front wheel, in a $25 frame, and 1000 W was plenty. PAS 1 (pedal assist) on my wheel runs me too fast for the pavement, if anything. I had to go to straight PAS 0 (no help) on a tricky bit of berm where I have 6" to maneuver in along Hwy 3. Between the ruts the cars don't complain about. Eliminating the hand throttle gives you less control. Hand throttle is not just for going fast. I didn't get over 12 mph on my recent trip to battery failure, except coasting down one steep hill, ~30.
I don't have any suspension except a sprung bicycle seat. I do use 1.95" tires at 45-50 psi which gives me some cushioning. I do use pool foam floats for handgrips, but I'm 67 and my hands go numb on regular rubber grips whatever the pavement is like. IMHO suspensions don't have enough adjustment for the different weights people are. And looking over the selection of bargain bikes at the charity resale shop, most suspension elements involve rubber or air, neither of which lasts very long. Try to find a replacement element in the bike parts online shops - ? ?
Have fun shopping.
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I think rad power is based in seattle, if i lived there would go check out their bikes

I have a rover and a mini and have been very pleased with the bikes and their customer service

But mid drives are great on hills...


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I really appreciate the responses. As someone just starting out I think I will fork over for the extra suspension, but stick to the rear hub drive. I'd like to be fit, but not there yet. What intimidates me at this time are the hills around where I live so having the extra throttle may boost my confidence a bit (I realize that even then, I may not be able to get over those hills just because of the steepness). I guess I will prioritize getting to places over exercise. I want this to be a fun experience and with that will mean I do more outdoors related stuff and hopefully = more exercise as a result.

Also, I'd like to give a shoutout to Eric from M2S as he was able to explain and clarify a few things about suspension/motor that I had when I called him earlier.


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I am a big fan of having a throttle

think for the money the rad power bikes are a good deal and if they are right there in town and can help you with problems that would be the way to go if it was me