Need ideas for in-car rack for two folding bikes


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We love our Latches (the folding bike of Pedego), and two fit easily into the trunk of our car.

However, it is also a bit awkward because they take up most of the trunk space and have to be placed carefully on their sides so they don't damage each other or the car, and there is always a little bit of overlap.

Our local vendor uses bungee cords to secure them in their van, but they have more space then we do, and we'll want to add luggage in there as well some day.

So I'm looking for ideas of light-weight and affordable ways to place two folded bikes next to each other standing upright in the car.

The car has loops on the sides where I can attach bungee cords, so what I need is some kind of padding I can use between each bike and on the outside, and then bungee cords could secure them. Ideally, some kind of rack would be great to stabilize them, but that would probably get heavy as well.

Our car is a Kia Soul - it has a fairly large trunk (once we take the backseats down), and I can get a folded bike in diagonally, and once it is inside, it can stand up easily, best with the wheels facing the back of the car and the seat peg resting higher on the folded car seats.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on what materials or systems I could use to make this work and still leave room for other stuff in the car.