Need Info On E-Stream Evo FS3 27.5, Non-plus (2016)

Hi, new member here. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing my 1st e-bike, and really like the Bulls E-stream Evo FS3 27.5. It will be an all around bike so I'm thinking this would work fine for me over the 2017 Plus model. The dealers are offering a big discount on price for the 2016 model. I was wondering if the firmware update from Bulls works on this model. Do you get the 4 new power modes? Do you get the walk mode? Also, are you current owners still happy with your Bulls? Thanks for your help.


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Blue flash, I have the Plus size Bulls in that model and one happy camper here. Amazing range with that battery. And I like to ride with full assist alot.


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I have a '16 E-Stream Enduro FS and absolutely love it. Since I often ride 4 miles on the pavement to and from the trails I didn't want the plus sized tires thinking they would a lot more "draggy". The 2.35" wide Hans Dampf tire work excellent on the terrain I encounter here in Arizona.


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Fyi if anyone looks to get some larger tires on the non plus bike, schwalbe smart Sam 2.6 tires fit just fine with a little more than a quarter inch clearance all around and no chain rub. Bike discount. De has them for under thirty euros and shipping to the US is far and reasonable. They also sell rebuilt ebike chains at lower prices than the US in case you want some other maintenance items!
Thanks for everyone's responses. I pulled the trigger today on this model, after much researching. I ordered from another state due to almost no e-bike presence in my area. They said they will completely assemble the bike and test everything before shipping. They will also load the latest firmware. The only e-bike mountain style sold locally are by Specialized. They are way more expensive then this Bulls, with comparable components and smaller battery. I'm excited, should have it in about a week.
Wanted to do a follow-up on my thread. I went ahead and purchased this bike and it arrived on Monday the 21st. I spent a few days putting it together and going over everything. I had to adjust the rear derailleur, as it wasn't cleanly dropping onto each sprocket. I also found the front brake rotor was slightly bent and was able to straighten that. I think it was possibly damaged in shipping but wasn't hard to correct. Thanks YouTube for lots of great information on fixing these issues. Had an issue today that gave me a scare, since I purchased this from a dealer far from me. My first couple of rides were short but brought a smile to my face when flying up hill with the "e" assist. Today I went for a longer ride on the paved paths that are all over my town. I intentionally included some hilly areas and a little off road. It sure seemed like I was working hard compared to my first couple of rides. I figured I was just getting used to the assist. The ride back to my home was mostly uphill and was really kicking my butt, so I experimented changing assist levels and even turning the unit off completely. Guess what? It made no difference! The motor wasn't working at all today. It was all me. The display was working fine, but the battery level hadn't dropped at all. My first 2 shorter rides dropped it one bar and this ride was longer then those two rides put together. I had removed the battery before my recent ride due to hot weather and not wanting it sitting in my hot garage while I was away for a few days. So, I decided to remove it and re-install it to see if that made any difference. I noticed upon re-installing it that the led's did a sequence of lights and then showed 4-bars of power before going out. I hadn't noticed it doing that on the earlier install. I powered up the handlebar display button and took a quick ride. ZOOM! All was right again. Have any of you ever experienced this? I will be watching this in the future. The bike is a beauty and my first non-department store bike. Looking forward to more rides.


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I wonder if the battery just want properly seated? I mention that because on my last ride my motor disconnected and luckily I noticed the battery was slowly falling out! Lesson learned, always check and double check the battery is seated, especially with the under side mount design.

First time that had happened and it'll be the last!
I know it was securely locked in, but something was definitely not linking electrically. I will be watching it closely in the future. It's funny how my mind was thinking I was getting assistance for awhile. Looking back, I now realize I was doing all the work.
Too smokey to ride this week in the Northwest. Made some observations on the bike. Glad to see the chain is a KMC E-bike approved design for higher strength. Disappointed to find out that only the rear hub is Boost sized. The front is the standard 100mm spacing. In all my research I could only find claims in reviews, and Bulls or dealer info, that this model had boost. They didn't say it was only on the rear. I imagine the newer Plus sized model has both.