New 2016 Evo Stream FS3 27.5

Just received a new 2016 Bulls 27.5 ebike from SanDiegoFlyRides last Friday. Shipping only took a week and the bike arrived with just very minor damage. Front disk rotor was slightly bent and a couple of small dings to the paint job but overall in good shape. Thanks for the fast delivery.
The bike looks to be of very high quality. I weigh about 265 and was concerned with the suspension holding enough air pressure. Had to pump up the rear RockShox to 300 psi to get the right amount of sag. Seems to be holding the pressure. The ride is very plush. The drive system will get you to 20mph in a hurry. I have to get used to that because I ended up flying down a tight trail way too fast. 20mph through trees and winding trails is pretty intimidating. The battery is huge and well hidden in the frame. After riding for 2 hours, the battery indicator had only dropped one bar.
I am very please with this bike overall. It feels and looks like a serious mountain bike.
Very good price drop on the 2016 models also.

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Welcome. I purchased the same bike from the same dealer last month. This model is a steal for the price. I also had a slightly bent front rotor that I assumed was shipping damage. Fortunately, it was easy to straighten. I noticed the Rockshox rear needed about 20 psi more then the manufacture's recommendation for a 30% sag at my ride weight of 200 lbs. The front fork needed a little less to get about 25% sag. I did a 20.3 mile ride in mountainous terrain last week. I probably used level 3 the most but would kick it up to level 4 on any of the steeper uphill sections and later into the ride. I still had 3 bars showing on the battery level It was probably about 2 1/2 actually. Really impressed with the range. I also love how quiet the Brose motor is. Mine is nearly silent.
This bike does seem to be a good deal for the current price Blueflash. I was looking at the much cheaper Rad Rover but have to say this is in a different class. I hope to put some more miles on it this weekend.