New City Commuter Motor

Mike P

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My 2015 City Commuter motor started to grind on my hill climbs. I spoke with my LBS, who just bought this shop from long standing e-bike dealer, and thought the replacement would be north of $1000.00. I contacted Pedego headquarters and got a quote to replace whole back wheel and motor for $400. I live not too far from Pedego HQ and brought to them and they did a great job. Curious if anyone has had to replace their motor and how much their LBS charged them.


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Your LBS “thought” $1000? Seems like they made a bad guess. Sometimes, an LBS will quote high, in case they run into something they didn’t anticipate, especially if they’re a non-electric store asked to work on an ebike, but that’s double.

The MSRP for a rear wheel assembly, including the motor, is a little under $400. That doesn’t include the cassette or brake rotor, which you can often reuse. It’s a pretty quick swap, so labor shouldn’t be too bad.

Mike P

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Thanks for the input, John. I've been riding with the new motor for a few weeks now and it's working out just fine. Well worth the $400.


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I’m so happy you could get your four year old friend fixed and back on the road! That’s one of the reasons I bought Pedego. Aftercare and parts availability is very important to me!!