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Hello, I have an Evelo Compass that has shipped and will arrive next Wednesday. My question is about lighting on the bike. I know that it comes with a headlight but what about tail/ brake lights? I see where Evelo doesn’t put the lights on the rear fenders anymore which is fine with me as I don’t plan on putting on the rear fenders anyway. Is there a way to get tail/brake/turn signal lights on this bike? I’d like to be able to run them through the bikes battery and not have to worry about changing out batteries/ aa, aaa etc. Can this be done using the usb or is there another way to get power from the 48v drive battery? I’ll fairly decent at wiring stuff as my hobby is restoring old Honda Motorcycle’s. Thanks ??
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We just picked up our 2019 Compass a few days ago. It is for my wife. So far we are very impressed with the trike. To answer your question, yes, it does have a center tail light and brake light. The brake light comes on with either front or rear brake, and works whether or not the lights are turned on. The brake light is 4 bright LED's on each edge of the brake light housing. It seems like it was intended to double as a turn signal as well as brake light, but the trike does not have a turn signal. I don't know if the existing light could be adapted to a turn signal switch.

Note that some of the photos of the earlier model of the Compass showed reflectors on the back of the battery packs. Our Compass did not come with that, but I was able to get a couple of stick-on reflectors at Amazon ( I got the 80 x 35 mm size and they fit perfectly.