New Haibike Yamaha Intube battery for 2019


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I have to say that intube doesn’t do so much for me. I would like to see other areas developed instead. A bigger battery and more refined drive would excite me more. An additional assist level between ECO and standard would also be welcome. The gap is too big. At least on my PW-45...
@JayVee I’m with you on the additional assist level between Eco and Standard. Often for me on my FullNine (PW) I find that ECO is a bit too little and Standard is a bit too much. At least for fast riding on G Ones with the speed limiter bypassed...


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It is good but it is very improvable.
The ideal was to have 2 batteries of this type inside the tube.
The most ideal was a more dense battery or lithium or graphene.
Yamaha needed a menu on the panel so that the user can program the powers of each mode eco + eco, standard and hight, expw.
Yamaha also needed within that menu to be able to customize the strength sensor of your feet.
With this you could convert the sensor into a simple push button with the foot or not, giving more or less sensitivity to the user's requirement. This is very useful because it could give maximum power of the engine within the programs (eco +, echo, standard, etc) without making almost effort in the pedals ....

In the menu a selectable option of disconnection of the drive unit with negative gradient where the user can select the option and the negative gradient in degrees.

You consume all the capacity of the battery.
With 500w 80% capacity of the battery in the best case becomes mechanical movement = 400w mechanical 100w losses
with 1000w = 800w
with 2000w you increase a lot total weight = 1600w you lose 400 watts mechanics or maybe something more 500w because the whole weighs up to 3 X more than a 500w ....

A drive unit that can give up to 140 rpm with the base of the current PW/PWX and with option to 250w / 500w / 750W.

To be able to cut the engine rpm in the menu within its range of 140 rpm for the reason you consider.Example 90 rpm.

I like the new smaller command and with small display because it allows to select the change of force mode of the drive unit (eco +, echo, standard, etc) much more intuitively and faster than the current PW.

I know ... I'm very demanding

The customer pays .... the customer is right ....
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But looking at Haibike’s website it seems like they stick with 500Wh for their intube solution for the Sduro Trekking 6.0
Wheeler has the exclusivity for this year. A well negotiated deal.

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It's odd that Yamaha makes an in-tube battery design, yet they do not have any models with it in their own brand of bikes.