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Discussion in 'Magnum Forum' started by Ed I, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Ed I

    Ed I New Member

    I picked up a newUI5 as when I test rode t it was pretty zippy and very comfortable. No hills to test it on though. I told the sales guy I needed a good hill climber and this was one of the bikes he recommended. Got it home and tried riding up he hill by my house and it was a dud. I had it in 1st gear with level 6 assist and no climbing power at all. I then took my wife's vibe 3 plus up same hill in 4th gear and assist level 2 and cruised up at 11 mph I need a bike that can handle hills. I wanted a fancier bike than the vibe but maybe I will just get a vibe like my wife's and be done with it. Any suggestions on what works great on hills? Path, Dash, Haibike trekking, Zuma looks like an option but will centerdrive be better for hills? I live 3 hours away from e bike shop and I am getting tired of diving back and forth. Thanks

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  3. vincent

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    Ed wonder if it might be better to post this in the general forum since most of the people on this one may be magnum owners....

    i am not experienced enough to offer any suggestions on which bike for hills, but there are a lot of experienced people on the forum

    good luck
  4. Bicyclista

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    I owned a Ui5 for a few months. I had no problem climbing tough hills. Bachmann Street in San Diego, for example. Is it possible that your Ui5 is defective? One thing that was a dud was the throttle. Good only for standing starts.
  5. Ed I

    Ed I New Member

    Maybe. I brought it back and traded for an izip path with the shimano steps mid-drive. Decent climber, not as fast but smooth and great range.
  6. Bicyclista

    Bicyclista Active Member

    Great that you found a bike you like! Myself, I bought a Haibike Sduro FullSeven AllMtn Plus, a full-suspension mountain bike with a Yamaha mid-motor, 27.5-inch wheels, fatty 3-inch tires. The Haibike is in an entire different league than the Magnum, both in quality and price. I then sold my Ui5 on craigslist to the first person who came to test ride it.
  7. Hi There,

    Glad you found a Mid-Drive Bike. Mid Drives are far superior in both steep hills and efficiency . The Shimano Steps system is the most mild of the Mid-Drives but is an incredible system.