New manufacturer? FLX

Discussion in 'Mountain, Trail' started by ArmyHokie, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. ArmyHokie

    ArmyHokie New Member

    Saw their ad pop up on social media. Three entry level mid-drive bikes for pre-order. Hope to see them reviewed once released. Thoughts?
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  3. Ann M.

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    Actually, Court has done a cool review of the Flx Bike Trail that will give you some insight to this model. Search on the main EBR site for otherFLX models that he's reviewed and decide what you think :) of the brand. Since we have a section for Mountain & Trail bikes, I'm moving your post there.
  4. George S.

    George S. Well-Known Member

    Google Flux. There was a Kickstarter. Big sales. Lots of reviews. One here ~ last spring

    Is it officially FLX?
  5. ArmyHokie

    ArmyHokie New Member

    Thanks. Apparently 3 letter strings are too short to produce search results here.
  6. EddieJ

    EddieJ Well-Known Member

  7. Exalien

    Exalien New Member

    I have a FLX attack (full suspension mtb) on order since September which should be arriving in a few weeks. I'll post my opinion on this forum once I have a chance to try it out.

  8. Cameron Newland

    Cameron Newland Well-Known Member

    I rode a pre-production FLX Trail model. Seemed like a decent bike for the price. Since I rode it, though, some of the specs/components were changed to lower-spec versions. Specifically, the front suspension fork on the Trail was originally supposed to be a nice Epixon air fork but was later changed to a lower-end SR Suntour coil fork with hydraulic lockout.

    @EddieJ Yeah, looks like the same bike from the same manufacturer. I don't fault the FLX team for ordering an existing off-the-shelf design. They did do some pre-production testing and design iteration in order to get the components right, so at least they did their due-diligence.

    Although the FLX products seem pretty decent, I'm a bigger fan of what has been coming out of Juiced Riders and Rad Power of late, especially considering that replacement parts for the FLX motor (Bofeili) are hard to come by in North America because only FLX and Optibike sell Bofeili-equipped ebikes (AFAIK).
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