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Greaser "E"Bike - by Michael Blast

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Designers Note:
If your like me and love the Vintage Design Bikes and really admire the Custom Designers Bikes out there, but honestly, just can't afford the price of there bikes, $5,000 to $7,000 dollars, here is the solution, The Michael Blast "Greaser" is a Beautifully Designed Bike, Hand Jig Built with Quality and Style in mind, built for people to afford, not like the retail sticker price shock of the Custom Bikes, this bike retails at less than half of what the Custom Design Bikes Retail Price for and Offers Quality Construction, Signature Brand Design, Excellent Warranty, and Customer Care Support, yes there are many features offered on the Custom Built Vintage Design Bikes out there, if you have $6,000 plus to spend, there impressive, but with the Michael Blast "Greaser" you can also personalize the bike to be your own, with options, accessories and even custom cosmetic upgrades, which make your Michael Blast "Greaser" Cruiser a unique experience that's all your own...........your style.............your way.

Pre-Sales Contact: USA

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