New Moto Parilla electric mountain bike


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The Moto Parilla is available in a number of variations, but they all share one thing in common: They’re ultra-premium electric mountain bikes that are actually designed to be pedaled... the Moto Parilla bikes are designed for the trail-riding enthusiast that can afford to drop an absurd amount of money on a crazy electric mountain bike. These pedal-assist bikes are actually meant to see some real trails – and really be pedaled. No hand throttles here.

The bikes are built on a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum frames and feature full suspension. They offer a variety of ultra-high end shocks as well as that impressive looking girder suspension fork up front.
Those giant Maxxis 4.8″ tires are sure to roll up and over just about any obstacle in your path. Stoppers are provided by Formula Cura-E Custom line hydraulic brakes with massive 380 mm front and 210 mm rear rotors. The rear Enviolo CVT makes shifting seamless and transfers power from the mid-drive motor.


The most modestly priced bikes range from $7,288 to $7,603 in the US. And that’s for the Limited Edition Moto Parilla, of which they are making 130 units this year, individually numbered.