New owner of a Yukon LTD 750 and Mariner


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I received my 2 bikes last Monday - they were ordered on Black Friday weekend. I received excellent service from Voltbike and George was kind enough to answer all of my questions quickly.

The Mariner shipping box was heavily damaged in transit but the bike was in perfect condition thanks to the foam protection inside. See attached photo.

My wife and I intend to use the bikes for pleasure riding mostly on gravel roads. We went for a 25km ride today in the snow and the bikes performed flawlessly - wow what a thrill. I will also be using my Yukon LTD 750 on forestry roads and ATV trails while moose and deer hunting.

I'm planning on installing a Body Float seatpost on my Yukon but I can't install a suspension post on my wife's Mariner as that would raise the seat to high for her.

I'm also looking to purchase a pair of panniers for the back rack such as Oertlieb Back Roller Classic, Axiom Monsoon or Arkel in the 45L size range.

Has anyone here any experience with these panniers on a Yukon?

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