New Practical Velomobile/Cargo E-Trike in the Works

I have been dreaming about, designing and re-designing what I hope may become something new in the very niche world of all weather, recumbent, cargo E-trikes.
This category is currently inhabited by such vehicles as the Organic Transit ELF and Better Bikes PEBL, both of which I personally find a bit too large and heavy to be of practical use for many would-be cargo-trike users.
So I have been designing something a little smaller and lighter:
100 pounds maximum curb weight
34" maximum width
55" maximum height (30" folded height)
80" - 100" overall length dependent on final design
24" and 26" wheels with 2-2.5" wide tires
18" seat height
Passenger seating for 2 small children or 1 youth/small adult.
Very easy ingress and egress.
All-weather protection in a convertible format.

*My design has little in common with the ELF or PEBL other than similar functionality.*
(So please don't go making assumptions about what I may have in mind.)

Any thoughts or suggestions on this subject would be much appreciated.
Thank you.