New Special Edition Sondors Fold X and Fat X - Limited to 100

I put my order in for the Sondors fat tire XS today on August 20, 2018. Today is the first day the preorder begins for what Sondors claims is a limited addition of 100. The price is at $1,699 USD, which that price includes deliveries to the lower 48 states. Deliveries are scheduled exspected to go out this December.

I presently have the orginal first crowd funded 2015 fat tire model, which is a single speed, 350 watt motor, and the 8.8 amp hour batter. I grew to feel this bike lacking.

This XS model has everything on my hit list; 750 watt motor, the 17 amp hour capacity battery, 7 speed transmission, hydraulic brakes, front air suspension fork, color display, 48 tooth crank, and a color I think looks dope! I think the bike is priced appropriately; and with tariffs in the air, this may be a great deal. I'm sure looking forward to this Sondors ebike with high expectations, and enthusiasm.