New Specialized Roll Sport and BBSO2.

Discussion in 'DIY, Kits and Custom Builds' started by Lost, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Lost

    Lost Active Member

    Pretty dang happy with the final product!
    All in for about $1500 if I had to buy everything again. 48 volt dolphin pack, and the new full color display/ BBSO2 from Luna.
    orange1_edited-1.jpg orange3.jpg
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  3. E-Wheels

    E-Wheels Active Member

    A great looking professional conversion which is nice and neat
    Just curious as to how did you mounted the battery to the down tube
    It doesn't appear as if you utilised the existing water cage bosses
  4. Lost

    Lost Active Member

    I did indeed use the water cage bosses on the down tube. They were exactly where they needed to be. Rode another 50 miles. LOVE this thing!
  5. Lost

    Lost Active Member

    orange ptd_edited-1.jpg Added fenders, and a stem extender to raise the handlebars, and an axiom rack since this picture. Now have over 300 miles on it, and am totally loving this thing. Perfect ebike for me so far. So far about 15 to 20% more efficient than the Rover, which I hope to sell now.
  6. Hugh

    Hugh Member

    Very nice clean looking install, enjoy.
  7. RostHaus

    RostHaus New Member

    Nice looking bike! I originally wanted to electrify a Roll Sport, but I couldn't find any good deals on them. Ended up BBS02ing My 8 year old Trek Pure Sport and a new Raleigh Venture 4.0
  8. Lost

    Lost Active Member

    Thanks. It is a great bike, I like it much more than my Rad Rover. More "bike like".

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