New ST1-X brake sensor and general feeling


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I bought a new ST1X (model 2019 with the Nova light and the horn).
Previously I owned a 2018 ST1X (without horn and old light) and have done 5500 Mile in a year.
I find the new model less reactive, with less torque and I hate the sensation caused by the brake sensor.
Concerning brake sensor, even by setting the slider to the left (minimum), when I pull the brake, I have to wait too long before the assistance restart, driving become unpleasant due to this lack of reactivity
Concerning torque and general reactivity, with all the sliders to the right for speed, agility ... (maximum), I find the bike less nervous and less reactive than older version.
Do you have the same feeling ?
Do you know how to fully disable the brake recuperation ?
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I just picked up the same model. I have noticed that there is what I have heard described as "cogging" when I stop pedaling and sometimes when I am pedaling. Not sure if it is the same issue you are describing but it is annoying because otherwise I love the bike.