New to E-Bikes; Old touring bike rider


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Hi folks,

I'm Tim and kind of accidentally fell into this e-bike thing--a complete novice. I rode touring bikes for most of my youth and then got caught up in international travel for work and raising a family. The kids are grown and the first grandbaby is here, so we've pulled up stakes and moved from Atlanta to between Jacksonville and St Augustine. Now that I'm on flat ground with big bike lanes, it seemed a great time to get back in to the sport. I assumed I would be getting another tour bike, but a neighbor's husband had to go to a nursing home (yes, it's that kind of community and he is 92) and asked if I was interested in his Giant Twister Freedom DX. The bike looked like it had been taken from the shop and put in the garage. A 5 mile ride through the neighborhood and I was hooked. She didn't want much for it, so it's mine now. I've had it a few weeks and use it for joy rides and hauling groceries, mostly. Planning to do a 30 mile fishing round trip soon. It has been problem free and fun (other than some charger woes I'll post in the appropriate forum).

Anyway, found my way to this forum, lurked a bit, liked the vibe, and signed up. If anyone lives or comes through this area, please let me know; I'd love to take a spin with some forum members.


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I envy you flatlanders, especially those with good riding weather most of the year. Up here in the northeast, the season came to an abrupt end this year due to the early onset of winter.

Anyway, welcome to the forum! You'll find a wealth of information here and a bunch of fine folks who are willing to help with almost any problem you encounter.


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Thanks for the welcome! I admire you NE riders--a lot tougher conditions than we see down here. Of course, the scenery is more varied up there, too.


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Although the bike never got used apparently I would be careful trying to go thirty miles on a 7yr. old 24v NiMH at best 12ah battery that probably didn't get stored at a proper SOC. As you get more miles on it you will be able to see how well the battery does though and the riding is the best part!

There is a service that will rebuild the NiMH into a Li battery as an option though if you want to go that route.


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Thanks! These are already Li ion, but your point is still valid. I'd definitely hate to get stranded with a ice chest full of fish on the back! I use the battery about 10-20% of the time; mainly to get up to speed or hauling a load, so they seem to last a long while so far. I talked to the folks at EBike Marketplace and they said they could rebuild when the time comes with significantly greater Ah's, but it gets a little pricey. Likely, by that time I'll have eyes for an even spiffier ebike.

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Lots of us geezers on this forum -- always room for one more. Welcome aboard, and don't forget pics of your favorite rides! There's a thread for that in the General Discussion subforum.
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