New Voltbike Elegant Step-through 26"x2.1"

Discussion in 'Voltbike Forum' started by SuperGoop, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    I look forward to this, but hope the step-through design is not too "nerdy".

    I just really want a "normal" looking bike... regular tire size, non-foldable, stealthy geared hub motor, 48v, and lighter weight that is readily available to Canadians, and not too expensive. Even without suspension is fine too.

    The Enduro is nice, but the geometry just doesn't look right to me. It looks a bit stretched. If you look at the chain, it looks really long. I can't find the wheelbase specs in millimeters, but it seems a bit too long. Maybe it is the full suspension. Maybe if it was a hardtail, it may look better, lighter weight, and less expensive too! Also, I am not a big fan of white strip on the tires (or is it shiny metal from the wheel?), but others may like it.

    Some example of what geometry I like is the Juiced Cross Current or the Magnum Peak, but I don't need the high end components like hydraulic brakes, air shocks, etc. if that can keep the price low.

    I have the Yukon 750 with over 1,000 km of trouble-free distance, and I absolutely love it. The fat tires is a love-hate relationship. I love it, but it draws too much attention, lol. Everyone is complimenting on my Yukon 750, but I just want to quietly ride the trails unnoticed.

    I prefer a 48v powerful geared hub motor. I think it is less expensive, simpler and much more stealthy (compared to mid-drives).

    P.S. I also don't like regenerative hub motors (like on the RadCity) because it is heavier with larger magnets, and drags on the wheel and doesn't free wheel like a normal bike. Regen is overrated, IMO. The efficiency is just too low to be effective. I'd rather coast freely than having the added drag.
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  3. vincent

    vincent Active Member

    I know exactly what you mean, no one even knows my bikes are electric but people are constantly stopping me to talk to them about the fat tires , it does get a little annoying
  4. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    Update: Thanks @Voltbike for revealing a pre-release picture. I like it. I think there will still be some minor changes. There will be front and rear lights. Probably more decals as well. I believe this will be the "Voltbike Elegant" line. @Voltbike also said the price will be in the CAD$1,600 (US$1,300) range, in both black and white. I wonder how much it weighs?

  5. america94

    america94 Active Member

    I've been studying that picture quite a bit since the "unveiling"..... I was very interested at first, but noticed a few things that bug me a bit compared to other bikes:
    No "suspension" for the seat or seat post
    No quick release on the front wheel
    No mounts for bottle cage or accessories
    No derailleur guard
    Possibly a twist throttle? hard to see on the picture
    The chain guard looks like hard plastic that might break after a fall?
    The integrated rear rack looks really great, but you can't take it off or get a "clean" solution like Ibera PakRak with quick release bags.

    The mud flaps added to the fenders are a very nice touch. The more upright sitting position really attracts me as well.

    I am really torn now as I was set on buying the Urban Ryder at Costco for 1500$ right before this bike is finally available. I really would like to get all the specs and final pricing of this new Voltbike before that! I know that the Urban Ryder is a more ancient design but all the things I mentioned above are a non-issue. And just like a good old (although more boring) Toyota Corolla, the same model has been on the market for a few years with nothing but positive reviews. I know the current peak limit of the controller is 21 amps, which is decent paired with a 500w motor. No clue about the controller for this new release from Voltbike or about long term reliability.

    Anyone that wants to chime in to help me in my decision between these 2 bikes, please do! :)
  6. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    I would just say the battery design is an important consideration for "future-proofing". I know this Voltbike battery design is new and very popular, so it should be around for a long time. For example, Juiced Bikes uses the same battery type. This design has 2 types that are not interchangeble... a long and short version. Voltbike and Juiced Bikes uses the short version.

    If you bought the Urban Ryder at Costco, I wonder if the battery can be easily replaced in the future. Keep in mind that Lithium batteries are difficult to ship, so shopping online or even from the U.S. may not be an option.

    In terms of quality, price and customer service, I have nothing but good things to say about Voltbike. George (the owner) has been wonderful and quick to respond. As I said, I own the Yukon 750 with over 1,000 kms on it already.

    From your list, the seat post and derailleur guard is an easy and inexpensive fix. I don't like twist throttle either, but I can live with it.

    I prefer a non-integrated rack... in black. Like you said, something that is removeable with a spring clamp.

    I know the above picture is a pre-release version, but I hope the final version will have more tasteful design on the paint. Right now, it looks really bare in plain white.

    P.S. As a comparison, this Voltbike design is similar to the Surface604 Rook.
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  7. america94

    america94 Active Member

    Thanks for your great feedback as always @SuperGoop. The Urban Ryder is sold by a Canadian cie in BC (Green Light Cycles). They have an actual shop in BC for locals and the exclusive deal with Costco online. Just like Voltbike and Georges, GLC and the owner/staff have rave reviews in terms of service and friendliness. I contacted them a few times and got very prompt responses. That's how I found out that the battery pack for the Urban Ryder is 360$ canadian, which i find quite reasonable (and also about the peak amp for the controller).

    I would never buy it at $2000, but at 1500$ shipping included, it's more tempting. My idea so far has been to put the $500 difference on accessories, tools, clothing instead. Push comes to shove, I can always return it for a refund.

    I agree about the seat post and derailleur guard - easy and cheap fixes.

    Good eye for the Surface604 Rook! Almost twins, hey? :)
  8. Ian in Alberta

    Ian in Alberta New Member

    Elegant in appearance, to my eye at least. I look forward to seeing the final version.

    For the record, Voltbike made several upgrades to the Mariner that I just bought, I think in response to comments made in this forum - a neoprene protector for the lower stay (not sure of the formal term), a derailleur protector are examples. I'm guessing they will do the same with the "Elegant".
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  9. america94

    america94 Active Member

    hi there @Voltbike. Do you have an ETA as to when you will be able to provide complete specs, images and pricing for the new step-through? getting very interested in this new model of yours! thanks :)
  10. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

  11. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    @Voltbike Can you reveal a picture of the Black version, please? Your website said a pre-order will secure your colour choice, but I'd like to see a picture first. Thanks.
  12. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    I am not a big fan of the rear rack welded permanently to the seat stay. The welds also look "gunky" and excessive. I'd much prefer a clean bolt-on rack (with standard mounting screws) that can be removed or replaced. The rack from the Yukon 750 is nice. I especially like the spring-clamp, which is very functional for me.

    Also, I prefer a black rack. The white-on-white doesn't appeal to me, IMO.
  13. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    @SuperGoop Did you ever get an Elegant? I haven't crossed the Yukon 750 off my list as a commuter, but your comments and others did get me to revisit my short list and the Elegant was on it. Any thoughts on the Elegant as my commuter? I don't mind spending a $100 - $200 to change out a few components to get it right. I do wish the top tube was more of a conventional slope so I could haul it on my hanging rack when necessary.
  14. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    No, I don’t have the Elegant. Looks like good value.
  15. Ian in Alberta

    Ian in Alberta New Member

    I bought a Mariner. It's a fun bike, and I love riding it. It's more versatile than the Elegant, perhaps, because of the fat tires and foldability.