newer bfang models after 2016 (2017-2018)

anyone with the newer versions of the bbshd that can not pedal and use the throttle at the same time, was wondering if you unplug the PA right there on the handle bar then can you just use the throttle to modulate power and pedal at the same time?? this works on my older bbs02 just want to make sure this works before I pull the trigger on a new one. I sure would appreciate it if someone could check that out for me.

From what I understand is that bfang has redone the frame work software not allowing you to use the PA and modulate the throttle at the same time anylonger.

really appreciate any help on this



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The pedal assist connection is inside the motor casing, so it will take some effort to unplug. I have a early 2016 model 750W BBS02 which was set by Luna to have the throttle work in PAS 0, so I don't have the problem you describe. While I sometimes ride with pedal assist) off and use throttle, I would not like my bike w/o any pedal assist ever, even though PAS is kind of crude on the bafang mid drives.

Well, I did not answer your question, but I believe this thread might help.

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