No speed in the LCD control


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Hi, I have a problem with my EVO 27.5, it does not measure the speed at the LDC control, it stays at 0, and this brings other consequences, the motor only works at start, the power level doesnt work properly, and I have to stand up hard to activate the motor, regardless if I put it in boost or eco. Another consequence is, I guess because the controller does not detect speed, the LCD control turns off after a few minutes, although I am pedaling.

I have changed the LCD control, the cable until the controller and controller, and the problem persist.

There is no error code in the control.

Someone knows how how to solucionate the problem?


My suggestion is to bring it in to an authorized Easy Motion dealer such as us. They should have the diagnostic tool which will pinpoint the issue. With the symptoms you describe it could be the motor controller or the motor itself not sending a speed signal to the controller. You said you replaced the controller but it may be you got a bad replacement or plug or wiring to the controller, rare but not unheard of. Many customers try to save money by self diagnosis and throwing parts at the problem. Unfortunately their time and money are misspent usually. Easy Motion has one of the best warrantees in the industry, 5 years, on parts. Of course there is labor but an experienced technician as myself will fix your issue expeditiously and have the proper tools and resources.


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Thanks very much Lilrich, the problem is I'm now in Peru, and there no easymotion dealers/service.

I call/write easymotion headquarters, they sent me spare parts and way to resolve the problem, a really very very good service EASYMOTION!

The problem was the motor and I'm in the way to solve it.