Not getting pedal assist power, and intermittent throttle response

Cord, You keeping this updated is definitely going to help some of us others out there with the Ultra out when and if we ever have this issue. Thank you for sharing your experience and what you are doing and going through so we know what to look for in the future. Awesome stuff. I give huge props to Biktrix. I say this alot. A measure of a companies Customer Service is often gauged by how they handle issues like this and Roshan has been fantastic from what I can tell with helping you with your issue here. Kudos Roshan.
Bit of a long month and have had zero time to get back to work on my bike. So Roshan sent me a new motor under warranty. However the same problem keeps persisting. He thinks it’s something in the wiring and if have to say I agree seeing how there’s not much else. Just a gremlin I guess. I took the crankset off today and dropped the motor out.

It wasn’t super difficult and a pro probably could do it in an hour start to finish, but it took me four, as I had to make several trips to two different bike shops to get specialty tools that I didn’t know were required. One being Shimano bottom bracket extractor. The tool ended up not being exactly what I needed because it doesn’t reach the recessed cup and the collar nut that holds the Chain ring to the spindle.

There’s was some confusion since there were a few connectors that weren’t needed and were just to left to hang about. I tripled checked all of them and plug them all in properly however I’m new to this and wasn’t about to fly though it.

So at the end of this the exact problem is unknown. I was communicating with Roshan and he made it clear that he was going to ship a new bike out to me. I send the existing bike with a prepaid shipping label wherever it is it needs to go and he’s going to send me a new bike minus the battery seatpost wheels and pedals.

I’ll keep it updated as this all unfolded today as I have been too busy to get a free day to perform the work.


I don’t disagree, however I’ve got almost 5k into this bike that I’ve had for four months, and I haven’t been able to hardly use it. It’s got 150 miles on it. I just want it to work and be fixed. Something like that is valid but fairly inconsequential with this whole thing being busted.