Not the usual "which bike is best for conversion" question

Hi all,

After a lot of reading here and elsewhere, I'm considering building instead of buying a e-bike and wanted to ask for recommendations on what mountain bike to use for the conversion.
I don't need it to necessarily be cheap and it could even be a new bike (although going used is obviously more money efficient).
What I do need has to do with aesthetics so thought I'd ask here and see if anyone had suggestions:

1) It may seem crazy to start by listing a color requirement as the first item for a conversion bike but here goes, I'm looking for a black (matte black preferable) mountain bike that's has minimal other colors/accents on it. Just black with few other flourishes that more on the stealthy side.

2) Can be hardtail although full suspension is ok depending on if there's room in the triangle for a good sized battery pack.

3) Wheels/tires: Don't want fat tires. Wheels such that they'll take 2"-3" tires. As it's possible to have built up 29" wheels that'll fit a fat tire framed bike, if I found a bike that was ideal in most other areas and happened to be a fatty that would be ok.

An example of a few bikes that are black that I like the look of are the Surface Shred, the Juiced Rip Current and Hype (although this one is a fatty), the Luna Fusion 500 (another fatty) which is based on the KHS 500 and KHS 650 7200.
I find myself liking the frame shape of most All Mountain/Downhill bikes from KHS and many other manufactures.

I plan to do a BBSHD install with a kit perhaps from LunaCycle and hopefully a 52V battery.
Eventually I'd like to experiment with a Rohloff hub despite the the $ that represents.

Anything come to mind?


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One of my "must haves" on my bike conversion candidate was disc brakes. After a lot of obsessing regarding which bikes, and may hours shopping on line, I settled on this one that turned out great. Much higher quality than I expected considering the purchase price. 1000w direct drive kit from Leafbike was an easy install.

I would be really careful picking a bike with rear suspension if you aren't planning on building a custom battery.

Note that this is a BIG bike. This 6'1" old man has since moved on to another bike as this bike has a fairly high "stand over" height, and requires quite a swing to get a leg over it. Lesson learned here!
This may help out. Here are photos of the few bikes I know of who's frame shape and style I like.

I'm trying to find additional suggestions for donor bikes that are similar in shape to any of the below bikes.

In order of appearance is a:
Juiced Ripcurrent
KHS 7200
Lunacycle Crusher
Lunacycle Fusion
Surface Shred

Juiced ripcurrent.jpg
KHS 7200.jpg
Luna Crusher.jpg
Luna fusion.jpg
Surface Shred.png