NYC Custom E-Commuter

Hey all,

Totally new to this thread but have been a huge fan for a while. Just finished this hack accompanied with a 1000W - 560WH Electric Bike Kit from Dillenger. There just wasn't this setup available so just put it together. I have to say its a blast to ride. Cruising at 25mph+ with traffic is a breeze. Cut my commute in half compared with the NYC subway. Just attached a 50t crank ring to keep a decent cadence in the higher speeds. From a stand still the torque is addicting! Highly recommend going custom for your commute. Cheaper then most brand names out there but with more power.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and or recommendations!

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Sweet looking! Now as long as the cops leave you alone, you should be good lol.

Have you checked out bikeforums dot net? There’s an ebike forum where DIY’ers post tons of photos. Check ‘em out.


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Be careful. I read lots of bad stuff (from our point of view) on the NYC police and the Mayor's crusade against ebikes.