Ordered my new bike!

Discussion in 'BULLS Forum' started by Hanz, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Hanz

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    255ECC54-969D-493E-AFF6-1BD7DA4E2C4B.jpeg Just ordered my new Bulls E-stream Evo 45 fs. Should be in by next week. Winter is coming but I just cannot wait
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  4. TntE3+

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    I have the same bike, as well as a evo rs3 27.5 +
    Pitched the Nobby nics for Maxxis tires, added 160mm air rod to forks, added one bottomless token to fork and two air spacers to rear shock and now the bike works quite well and you can get aggressive with it on down hills and it’s ton more fun to ride. I also put 35mm riser bars on it.
    Next I’m gonna try shorter head stay see how that affects the handling.
    I would like to add, that the first week i had this bike i took it back to dealer and asked them to sell it!! The bike was so nervous and tucked front end violently and i felt as if it was gonna slap me to the ground any moment when you tried to ride it aggressively.
    With those few changes it’s now as stable as a rock and it’s a good bulldozer. It’s nimble enough to slice perfect lines or be lazy and just plow through the chunks!
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  5. Leandro

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    The Evo 45 FS is a killer bike, nice choice!

    I am eagerly awaiting more high speed full suspension bikes to hit the market. I think they are a joy to use for both commuting and joyriding.

    Please comment on your experience. I'd love to hear about how you're enjoying the bike and the different scenarios in which the bike is used :)
  6. TntE3+

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    I have had my 45 for a few weeks now, have made a few changes to it but i purchased it to be used as a mountain bike. Removed kick stand, converted front to 160mm travel, put 38m riser bars, 35mm head stem, revalved the forks, added 5 shock token, blew apart both Nobby nics first day, replaces front with snake skin magic Mary, Maxxis min on rear.
    Unfortunately i had purchased a fs3 27.5+ few months ago and the same upgrades have lead it to be a very competative enduro bike.
    So the 45 has been quite a disappointment for me. The bike is just to heavy for a 27.5 tire. Gonna try converting front to 29er and see how that goes. I wanted a faster bike then the fs3 as it shuts down at 18mph was thinking the 45 give me speed on lower parts of the trail where the fs is out of assist but the smaller tires just make the bike to unsettled and the single piston calipers even with 203mm rotors just don’t cut the mustard when it’s steep. So far it really doesn’t seem to stack up to bang for the buck the FS3 is.
    Revise my update once i convert to 29er
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    Very informative post. Thanks!

    Please let us know about any future changes that you make.
  8. LimboJim

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    Congrats and kudos ~ I'll be curious to read your experience with 29ers on the 45. Has the shorter stem noticeably improved handling?

    I also ripped the sidewalls of my FS3's stock 27.5+ "LiteSkin" Nobby Nics apart in less than 100 trail miles, long before the treads started showing any signs of wear! The few ounces saved in weight claims are hardly worthwhile on eMTBs, IMO. The SnakeSkin tires have held up brilliantly through hundreds of trail miles...
  9. TntE3+

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    Oh the 35 mm stem takes a few miles to get used to once your comfortable with the stock stem.
    But the bike is so much more agile and feels 10lbs lighter with the short stem.
    Also really helps on chunky drops the bike pushes through better. 180 berms the bike is much faster and more balanced, square edge drops the bike floats off and you don’t feel the need to rub you butt on rear tire to keep the front from dropping out on you.
    The company i ride with are very accomplished riders on Evil wreckoning and Santa Cruz. High tower LT.
    both 9k plus builds and when the trail is chunky, steep and fast the Fs3 gives them all they can handle and when it gets chattery machine gun arm rough the 50lbs monster shines and they can’t match the speed.
    18 KOM on strava now with the Fs3 on lagit enduro trails that put a pucker factor on most seasoned of riders.
    I went from hating this bike stock and took it back to bike shop asked them to sell it because there was no data available to set it up. To completely blown away and it was less then 400 invested in mods.
    Dropper seat, 35mm riser bars, grid tires, 35mm stem, 160mm air rod, 203mm rotors, 1 air token front, 3 shock tokens rear.
    The monarch rear shock is the biggest limit and keeps big air out of this bikes comfort Zone, But i take this bike on any chair lift DH run and feel solid.
  10. TntE3+

    TntE3+ New Member

    So today i put a wider bar on and maxed out the rear shock bottomless bands.
    Anyone with a fs3 i highly recommend you do the shock bands. Now the bike can take a 3ft drop and not blow the o ring off the bottom of the shock. I also find you can run the rebound 4-5 more clicks out which improves traction on chowder. Bike feels lighter and has much more pop. It also doesn’t wallow so deep on quick out of the saddle sprints.
    At first i added 3 bands and ride it for some time and really didn’t notice much. So today i decided to max it out.
    You find there a gap that seems to be 1/2 band with and u can’t get one more on, but slide top one up over the edge to the upper can o ring ridge you find one more goes on and it’s tight fit getting can back on.
    After installling the bands i was able to drop the pressure a little. I was running 230 psi and that set me at 20% sag.
    Now I’m at 210 and 25% sag and it’s much better balanced