ordered yesterday

finally got back down to York https://www.electricbikesales.co.uk/ for our test rides ... for me it was the Supercharger GX rohloff midnight blue ....and for my partner after her problems with her haibikes(getting on and off) she picked the Nevo GH vario red and with 26" wheels and also the dual battery ....here poss the middle-end march.... expensive day out but still cant wait :):):) ...my partner is still in shock :eek::eek::eek:


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Two fabulous bikes. The Supercharger in blue with the dual power tubes and the Rohloff is probably one of the very best looking bikes out there, espcieally in the blue. I'm curious how you will perceive the difference between the Rohloff and the Vario as far as performance. I presume the motor on both will be the Bosch CX. My bike is supposed to be produced some time soon in week 8...then the long journey to the west coast USA. Good things come to those who wait ;)
Congrats. We've had our Homages GX Rohloffs for almost a week and love them. We almost went for the Supercharger GX, but in the end we were seduced by full suspension.
:D:D:D:D:D:D bike shop just called THEY HAVE ARRIVED whoooooooo :cool::cool: will be picking them up on Saturday .....now all I need to do is sell the other one`s


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Kudos on great choices of bikes. I am really looking forward to reading your initial impressions and possibly a more in depth report after a few Kms.

Nova Haibike

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A few weeks ago I assembled a R&M Supercharger for a customer here at my co-op. Definitely a high quality product...and packaged for shipping with Fort Knox security. I almost spent more time unboxing it than checking over all the mechanicals. Congrats on your new bikes.
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I have just ordered a R&M Homage GX Rohloff HS. Due here in New Zealand the end of June. After a test ride I also was seduced by the full suspension, the step thru frame and the ease of maintenance with the Rohloff hub and belt drive. An idea bike for the "retired" rider. Thanks to all the input from many of you on this site, you have answered all my questions as I browsed through these forum pages while making a decision.