Over 45 years old My new horse Sduro trekking 5.0 250w 25 km / h with 250kms.


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Changes for more comfort.
A new seat more adapted to my "linguee".More gel.
A spade 31.6 cm with some basic suspension up to 5 cm for 90 kg.
A waterproof bag adapted to the rear fastening clip.
An allen, trunk chain, quick link, kit patches and inflator. Something to drink and eat or sometimes I also carry the battery charger.
My cable to pass for seat, for each wheel and my abus x board granit.
Handlebar 3 cm higher and my seat also higher because of crotch I have 80cm 80 x 0.885 = 70.8 cm height from axle pedalier. Space for raincoat jacket, pants and cycling shoes, for when the bad weather arrives.


rich c

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I'm over 45 years old too. I'll be 65 next month. Just crossed over 750 miles on my XDURO Trekking S RX. Definitely not a fan of that front fork, everything else I love.
62 years old, multilevel spinal fusion, L2 down with 12 screws, the last 2 are 80mm anchors into each iliac crest.
700 miles on my FullSeven S Pro this summer, not a Trekking model but I use it as a cross country bike.
Cheers to everyone who rides. Motion is the lotion.


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The first route was a mixture of asphalt and gravel, use all modes of assistance 48% ......
The second route all asphalt where 42km marks have actually been 47km because I did not activate the gps from my house.
This was with eco + and even having light had the battery 72%.Night route solo...........

Lie .......howls of dogs and some car.

Use the led lenser xeo and this is another world, gives you much more security and use the basic mode,
even in basic mode gives more light than many cars,the top lumens is 2000..............

ohhh! I use 2000 lumens for personal defense and blind the enemy, XD

I finished tired in the last one, I am untrained and my pedelec weighs about 30kilos with the
accessories,good performance,good time.

Good way!!!!