Over-the-rack bag vs battery heat issues ?


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I am the new owner of a Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB.
I'm taking delivery of the bike in the days to come.
It is a 2018, so it has the battery in the rear rack.

I was wondering if there are any concerns about putting a bag on top of the rack vs the battery heating. (It is the Bosch 500).

I have a Pelican Arkel over-the-rack type of bag
pelican arkel over the rack.jpg
that would fit nicely there, but I'm wondering about the presence of a bag there
creating an issue with the battery. I don't want the battery to overheat or anything like that.
Any body has some thoughts about this ? Any known issues about this ?

Is it ok to put a bag on there ?


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Batteries don't generate that much heat that a bag would be a problem. If your battery does, then your battery is not up to the task. A Bosh 500 should be just fine.