Pace 500 1st review

Received our Pace 500's yesterday and immediately began the assembly process. Not bad, about 1 hour per bike.
Only issue was a minor gash on one of batteries, emailed Aventon waiting on a response. Packed very well though.
Checked the wheels, tighten up numerous spokes (thanks to this forum as I would of never thought to check that!)

Wow...this was our 1st time on an ebike and can see why they are taking off. So much fun...our 1st ride yesterday was 12 miles and didn't want to come home but it was getting dark. We are now in the farkeling stage....lots of stuff on order.
The power of this 500w motor is really impressive, PAS 1-2 is more than enough to cruise casually. Of course did take it to PAS 5 a few times to check out the 28mph - that is really fast for a bicycle!

We plan on a longer ride today and look forward to many fun miles!