Pace 500/350 Assembly Tips


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Here's a few quick assembly tips for the Pace 500 & 350.

Start charging the battery as soon as you get the bike out of the carton and the packing removed. The battery removal keys are zip tied to a handlebar cable. I went crazy trying to find them so I could get the dang battery off and charging

Remember to remove the plastic brake pad separators (Pace 500 only) but wait to do it just before the rear wheel and front brake caliper install. If you accidentally pull the brake lever with the separator out the pads will compress and you'll have a heck of a time installing the wheel and caliper.

Having a friend to hold the bike comes in handy for the wheel installs.

It seems impossible to get the motor cable through the rear axle cap hole but it can be done. Line the cap hole up with the slot in the rear axle when you push the cap on.

I had to add a tie wrap for the motor cable to keep it away from the tire.

The steering head will only go partially onto the steering tube. Turning the head bolt will bring it down the rest of the way. The 500 has an adjustable steering stem so you don't need to use the metal cap that was on the tube for shipping. The 350 uses that metal cap.

You don't have to mount the water bottle holder on the handlebar. It can go on the lower seat tube (frame) in a more normal position. I had to use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the clamp a little to allow the clamp to close.

Use the packet of grease on the pedal threads and seat tube. The grease on the pedals will help keep the steel pedals from seizing up on the aluminum cranks.

Remember the left pedal has backward, left-hand threads so turn it counter-clockwise to thread the pedal on.

The derailleur hanger on my Pace 350 was bent during shipping. I replaced it with the extra hangar supplied with the bike.

Over the first week or so I had to tighten up the shifter cable as it stretched during its breakin. I turned the cable adjuster at the shifter control outward (clockwise when sitting on the bike) to tighten the cable. Usually 1/4 or 1/2 of a turn was all that was needed to quiet down the drive train.

If you bought the Soda Pop Fenders the kit does not include the correct length bolt for the front fender. I had to use a longer bolt and use a nut to attach the fender bracket. Use the large clip for the rear fender seat tube clip.

I watched the Aventon assembly video a few times while waiting for the bike but the above info wasn't included.

Enjoy your new ebike.
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Pace 350 Differences:

The Pace 350 disc brakes do not have plastic brake pad separators in the brake calipers.

The rear axle tabbed washer on the left, brake disc side goes outside the frame with the tab down and sticking inward. The other side goes inside the frame with the tab down and sticking outward.

My wife's 350 rear brake cable was way too loose. I had to loosen the cable clamp at the brake caliper and pull some cable through. I could then use the brake lever adjuster to fine tune.


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I checked the spoke tightness on both the Pace 500 at 100 miles and the 350 at 40 miles and found several that were really loose. Too many loose spokes can cause broken spokes, especially on the high torque Pace 500 rear wheel.