Pace 500 & 350 Differences ($300 worth?)


I know a lot of people will want to know if they should spring for the extra $300 for the Pace 500 so I thought I'd try to make the decision easier. Here's a list of differences between the Pace 350 and 500:

1. Motor. This is the primary difference. The 500 has a 500 watt 48 volt motor while the 350 has a 350 watt 36 volt motor.

2. Battery. This is another significant difference. The 500 has a 48 volt 11.6 amp hour battery (556.8 watt hour). The 350 has a 36 volt 11.6 amp hour battery (417.6 watt hour). The two bikes' range is listed in the specs as the same distance because the 500's larger motor uses more power. In reality I would expect the 500's extra watt hour rating to extend max range.

3. Max Pedal Assist Speed. The 500 can be set to about 30 mph and the 350 can be set to about 22 mph. 28 and 20 is set at the factory. Max speed using the thumb throttle is 20 mph for both bikes.

4. Gears. The 500 has 8 speeds while the 350 has 7. The 500 has a 42 tooth chainring and 11-36 tooth 8 speed cassette. 42/36 = 1.17 lowest gear. 42/11 = 3.82 highest gear (for each turn of the crank the wheel turns 3.82 turns in 8th gear).

The 350 has a 44 tooth chainring and 14-28 tooth 7 speed cassette. 44/28 = 1.57 lowest gear. 44/14 = 3.14 highest gear.

The 500 has a much wider and flexible gear spacing which gives you better climbing and top speed than the 350. EDIT: The 500 derailleur is an upgrade originally designed for mountain bikes and a stronger chain is added to handle the extra motor torque.

5. Weight. The 500 weighs about 2 lbs more.

6. Brakes. The 500 has hydraulic disc brakes while the 350 uses mechanical (cable pulled) disc brakes.

7. Adjustable Steering Stem. The 500 has one, the 350 doesn't. The adjustment allows you to fit the bike to your riding size, position and comfort (reach).

8. Seatpost Size. The 500 has a 31.6mm diameter seatpost while the 350 has a less common 30.4mm.

I own a Pace 500 (top bar, large frame) and my wife has a 350 (step-through, medium frame) and I've ridden both quite a bit. I recommend spending the extra $300 for the 500, especially if you weigh more than 170 lbs, haul a trailer or have a lot of steep hills in your area.

Pace 500 Specs
Pace 500 Specs.png

Pace 350 Specs
Pace 350 Specs.png
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Yes, as of today, 25 Sep 2019, the Pace 500 is shown on at $1400 and the 350 is $1100 for a price difference of $300.
Yes, as of today, 25 Sep 2019, the Pace 500 is shown on at $1400 and the 350 is $1100 for a price difference of $300.
Does the 350 Lurch abruptly to 12 miles per hour like the 500? Hopefully the 350 is smoother and doesn't go as high as 12 miles per hour in Pas level 1


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I rode both. Actually liked the 350 a little better - the 500 seemed too 'zoomy'. It punches up too fast, but PAS 0 seemed to help.