Pedal suggestion?

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    I'm not laughing
    Actually I am quite interested to know more about these
    I currently use Shimano clip in pedals on my road bike
    When I eventually invest in an ebike these might be a suitable cross over option instead of going straight to flat conventional pedals which I have not used for some time
    How and to what pedals do they attach to
    Can you please post some photos of your setup
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    Like the looks of those. But I think they are about the same length as the Saints at approx 4.25 to 4.5 inches. I'm probably picky and paranoid now (of the pedals clipping the ground on turns) but I'm thinking to switch to the Stamp Small by Crank Brothers. They seem to measure at 4 x 4 inches whereas I just measured the Saints at about 4 x 4.5 (length). It would be a bit of an expensive change/mistake but maybe I can get rid of the Saints on E-Bay. I still might also keep an eye out for a good quality cage pedal at about 4x4.

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    E-Wheels; The plastic toe clips strike a good balance for me in holding my foot securely on the peddles, but not trapping me in like with clipless ones. You can use just different shoes like sneakers. I don't recall ever slipping out and bashing my shins, and I have been using them for decades. They are more for holding your foot in place, rather than allowing you to pull in the upstroke. Very inexpensive and durable. You mount them on the holes in the peddles for the front reflectors, either inside or outside the cage, so you need to select the right type.

    For mounting inside the peddle cage I have used these:
    Otherwise the Evos seem to work best for outside.
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    The pedal search continuing: turns out the Shimano Saints are one of the smaller platform pedals around. I found a couple of slightly smaller brands/models but apparently only available in Europe.

    So I've ordered these Origen8 Slimline 9 pedals sight unseen. Slight longer than the Saints but narrower and thinner. Should give more ground clearance to hopefully minimize the ground strikes:
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    I used pinned platform pedals for a while as good grip is essential in the wet, hilly environment I ride in, but they were causing too much damage to my foot wear, especially my expensive LL bean boots. I now use Shimano M324 campus pedals (bear trap on one side, SPD on the other) or Ergon pedals which use grip tape.
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    Ergonomic PC2
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    NO! Do not feel that way! This is a big help for the people who "don't want to clip in" (for whatever reason).
    This will keep your foot from not sliding off in a forward direction.

    I would go as far as to say that an old school cage and strap, even if not tightened down, would also be
    good as it would also keep feet from falling sideways, or even pulling up and away from the pedal.

    When people who do not clip in start having the inevitable foot-slips-off-and-grinds-your-shin-on-the-pins
    kind of accident, they are going to start looking at things like this thing which you are suggesting.

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    Indeed the plastic clips really help prevent my feet from sliding off. And they are pretty darn durable for the price. Last Friday I had a pretty good crash (slid into a rut at speed) and really bent up the peddle. Plastic clip was perfectly fine. I straightened up the peddle in my vice and put the plastic clip back on. All is good!
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    I guess being old and using higher levels of assist means no need to be clipped into a pedal.
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    That Origen8 Slimline 9 pedal looks like a good choice. I like the little cleats. Looks like they would help keep your shoes from sliding off the pedal.
    I have clip-ins on both my road bikes, but flat pedals on my e-mountain bike (Pedego Ridgerider). I might buy a set of Origens this year to give my shoes a bit more pedal grip.
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    I'm still waiting for them to arrive. Meanwhile, I'm growing real fond of the Shimano Saints which are smoooooooth. I've been concentrating in my turns to avoid the ground strikes. I'll hate to give up the Saints if that is what I decide to do. When I went to the LBS to order the Origen8s, one of their mechanics was like "great choice" while the other said "the Saints are way better". So when they finally come in I'll line them up side by side and then decide whether to switch.
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    I have the Ergon PC2 pedals which feel stable like clipless pedals when standing and pedaling but they are a little expensive. There's a European knockoff called the Ergotec EP1 which is very similar for less than half the price online.
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    These days I use Google notifications and search for deals. Every accessory, many came from Amazon one day or a few hour specials, and we're purchased at a significant discount. No deals? No buys. I remember looking for Ergotec EP1 and not finding any USA dealers. I looked and I paid $36 for Ergo on a one day sale. I'd love another set, where is there a deal on the Ergotec EP1? Or even an American dealer? I found them from my favored German discounter but they're $24 plus $20 in shipping.
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  15. I'm using the Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal. Versatile, easy to use. Screenshot_2017-02-24-11-36-28.png
  16. Over50

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    I looked at these online as I was also considering cage style pedals like I have on my regular bikes. When you're wearing regular shoes, can you pedal on both sides of these? Or just the "bare" side?

    I think my LBS didn't order the Origen8 Slimline 9s. Have to pay them a visit tomorrow to straighten it out but when I called they couldn't find the order. So for awhile longer still using the Saints.
  17. Regular shoes on the bare side; SPD cleats on the other.
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    I enjoy my Twenty6 Predator pedals. They do not slip and are a work of art. Grip is important to me when I am standing in the saddle at 6' 2" and 250lbs! The manufacturer is a craftsman and provides great support.

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    My Origen8s finally came in. I was undecided about switching because I was growing fond of the Shimano Saints. But when I took the Origen8s out and held them side by side with the Shimanos I decided to give them a run. Did a ride of about 6 miles after and they were pretty smooth. I'm attaching one pic with the Origen8 Slim Line 9s that I just put on the R&M next to the Origen 8 Pro Clasiques that I have on my human powered bike. Then side by side shots with the Shimanos. They are similar in length, a bit narrower in width and much slimmer in height. They seemed plenty grippy enough. While I was out testing them, I was caught in a sleet storm a couple of miles from home. Bike and rider soaked and no slipping experienced with the pedals. Origen8_a.JPG Origen8_b.JPG Origen8_c.JPG Origen8_d.JPG
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